Steam-powered suction machine

Sauger 13x18 “Sauger IV” was built in 1909 by the society for mechanical engineering in Lübeck and has been in operation for rebuilding the port and rivers for 80 years. The suction machine pumped sand and mud, which was dug by excavators from barges to the bank. Up to the time of its shutdown in 1989, it extracted an amount of sand which would raise up Wilhelmsburg, Europe’s largest island in a river, by half a metre. The suction machine fuelled by oil contains a threefold expansion steam engine for the extracting pump and a double expansion steam engine for the water pump. In 1996, the Hafenmuseum took possession of the ship as museum piece, which had been taken out of service. Since then, a voluntary crew takes care of “Sauger IV” and presents it regularly. It is possible to visit the accommodation for 13 people, the galley, two guardrooms and the toilets.